These Mistakes To Avoid When Jogging

Treadmill is currently selling quite popular in the sports gear store. With the conditions permit, it isn’t too difficult to buy a treadmill machine, more jogging machine is a form of fitness is very convenient. However, many people do not know that they are getting the error is minimal, but significant impact on their own health.

Sport practiced correctly and properly and carefully approach every detail will help you improve your health, and limit unnecessary injuries while playing sports. Here are the basic errors that many people encounter when running the machine.

Choose The Right Shoes And Leave My Shoes

Dr. Michele Olson of the University of Auburn (USA) give advice that if you want to buy a pair of sneakers, you should buy a pad to protect the heel and foot bones from the impact of movements arrived in these parts. Read more

5 Tips For Skin Care After Sports

Clean the skin before and after exercise, drink water, choose the right dress … is the best way skin care for sports. These things not only for girls but also for boys want more body care, in addition to exercise and play sports.

Sports Exercise is not only good for health and muscles but also have a significant effect to the skin. The regular exercise is important as a daily skin care. However, it can also ruin your skin if you do not take precautions to protect the exercise, especially in hot or cold weather months. So please take care of your skin really toned and healthier.

Clean The Skin Before And After Exercise

Wash your face before exercise is the most important step to prevent acne. This helps stimulate the blood circulation of the skin, thus making a start for the blood that carries oxygen and nutrients to the skin surface. If not, your pores will easily occluding sweat, makeup, sebum and dirt. Read more

Suggest The Best Fruit For People To Play Sports

Practicing sports is a very good habit for their health. But, just fitness efforts is not enough, to have a body supple and toned physique, slim, you should also combined with a healthy diet.

In particular, vegetables and fruits are an indispensable part because they are very abundant supply of vitamins and minerals necessary for the body. For all the nutrients your body for exercise sessions, you also need an understanding of the types of fruit needed for people who regularly exercise and sports.

The following article will give you the necessary knowledge on vegetables, fruit to eat during sport practice. Join us to learn. Read more

Tennis, Riding Is The Most Dangerous Sports

“Total Pro Sports” has compiled a list of adventure sports in the world. Football, basketball or cycling is names on the top. Perhaps many people will marvel at these statistics, it brought no surprises at the end of each match played.


Every year, as many as 2.49 million injuries of different severity related to this sport. Although the total number of injuries at more than basketball, but the rate of injury in football is higher leading to about 4.85% of the players of each injury. Number of injuries in football in 2013 amounted to 274 455 case.


One of the main principles of skateboarding games that you have to accept dangerous movements frequently until you master the techniques. While the professional skateboarding contest to equip the athletes a lot of protective equipment, the kids skateboarding on the road every day to not have a similar item. Number of injuries caused by skateboarding is 676,000 and its injury rate ranks 2nd among subjects: 1.86%. Read more

Tips To Encourage Child Participating In Outdoor Activities And Playing Sports

Children in the age of technology there is so much more attractive and the sports movement. Baby was sitting for hours taking the time to watch TV or surf the web, this is very worrying for the baby’s development.

The healthy development of children is most actively involved in outdoor activities and playing sports with friends. So how to help her mother can create habits more sports. Here we will give you a few tips for you to encourage her to move more.

Doing Exercise With A Child

Parents set aside time each day to the same fixed the exercise such as jogging in the park or esplanade after dinner, walk to school with their children, or as simple as using the stairs instead of the elevator when go shopping. Read more